Do you ever want to do this to your computer? 
Wildcard Home Theater has designed and programmed many complex systems for other dealers.  Save countless hours of time by utilizing our experience in RTI programming.
"Mike did a fantastic job with programming our client's RTIPanel app and 7 T2C+ remotes! He went above and beyond the specified project to help get us out of a couple issues. We are already designing systems with Mike's programming capabilities and will be using him exclusively.
Thanks Mike!

Why hire us to do your programming?  The reason may vary, but the answer is always the same.... To save money.   The top three reasons we see. 

1. New to RTI 

2. New to large systems 

3. Lack of time to devote to complex programming.  Whatever the reason is let our experience work for you. 

We offer fully customized programming as well as remote assistance to help you get your system up and running. 

Programming fees are for system file only.  Graphics, drivers, backgrounds, and buttons used within the system design are not included seperately.  The dealer is responsible for making final adjustments for onsite requirments.